•    My patients have been very excited and happy with their Infracare socks. They have worked exceptionally well and patients are returning for extra pairs.    

    Podiatrist, Toronto.

  •    I have been using Infracare socks and Supports for 3 years and find them quite often very useful in both reducing pain and keeping feet warm in many of my patients.    

    Podiatrist, Toronto.

  •    I have been prescribing Infracare products for several years and have found the products to be of a very high quality with complete patient acceptance. The service supplied by Infracare has been impeccable.    

    Podiatrist, Toronto.

  •    An effective product for dealing with arthritis and cold feet in any treatment plan. As a personal user of the Infracare ankle support, I can feel the difference immediately.    

    Chiropodist, Toronto.

  •    They are functional. People tend to think that the warmth is kept in feet and shoes. The socks are strong. They last long.    

    Chiropodist, Toronto.

  •    I have relied on Infracare Back and Knee supports for the past 5 years and find a surprising degree of comfort in their use! It allows me to exercise at 80 years of age. Thank you so much.    

    Physician & Surgeon, Toronto.

  •    My office has been using Infracare products for 4 years. Patients have appreciated the benefits and Infracare supports really do the job they are designed for. They are particularly useful in Chronic pain conditions.    

    Foot Specialist, Toronto.

  •     I have dispensed Infracare socks for the past year. Patients are happy with the immediate results. Their feet are much warmer and they are recommending the socks to relatives and friends.    

    Podiatrist, USA

  •    Infracare socks and Ankle brace have been appraised by my patients for their quality and cost. Very good products for patients with diabetes, circulation issues, Reynaud's. We have these products available at both our clinics in Winnipeg. Our patients are coming back to purchase these products, they have been extremely pleased with the results. Overall, it's a great company to deal with and staff are so pleasant and go out of their way to accommodate your queries.    

    Podiatrist - Winnipeg

  •    Cold Feet socks by Infracare are great for diabetics and those with circulation problems. we have tried the product and it works.    

    Podiatrist, Niagara, USA.

  •     We have been using Infracare products for the past four years. The feedback from our patients who have used the products for various needs have had nothing but complimentary things to say.    

    Paramount Rehab, Toronto.

  •    The Infracare socks have been a welcome new addition to the products in my clinic. Both my patients and I have been very impressed with the effectiveness of these socks. The results are always optimal.    

    Chiropodist - Foot Specialist, Ajax.

  •     As a physiotherapist over 36 years I have consistently looked at keeping current with research and techniques to enhance my treatment protocols and help patients recover in time and cost effective fashion. Infracare supports have offered me additional tools to enhance the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatment. Over the last 3 years many of my patients have expressed great satisfaction for the additional source of relief that Infracare soft supports provide them with. The effect of the Infracare joint and spine supports are helpful in both the additional support and benefits of facilitated blood flow and muscle tone normalizing for pain relief. It has been a pleasure being connected with an innovative company led with integrity.    


  •     As a Clinic Owner I have noticed that patients who have knee problems have responded well to Infracare Knee supports, especially in Arthritic conditions.    

    Argentia Physiotherapy, Mississauga.

  •    For those patients who need Infracare socks these are essentials.    

    Podiatrist, Belleville.

Infracare cold feet socks are the solution for cold feet due to Diabetes, Raynauds, Chilblains, Neuropathy and Acrocyanosis.